About Evan

I have a commitment to making music, making beauty, and making art. I make music for myself, and in doing so I try and create something beautiful that will improve my life. In that pursuit, I also strive to make music that connects with the listener on a deep level, and hope that they find their own unique message and beauty in what I produce.

I’ve been studying music for twenty years now, teaching for twelve, and performing professionally for twelve.

I received my Bachelor of Music degree in Classical Guitar Performance with a Jazz Emphasis from Lawrence University in 2009 , a degree in Guitar Building and Repair from Minnesota State College (Southeast Tech) in 2010, and completed my Master of Fine Arts in Jazz Guitar at California Institute of the Arts in the Spring of 2015.

In the past seven years I’ve released six records with various ensembles. Please visit my Discography page for more details.

Since 2004, I’ve had the great pleasure to perform and study with such amazing musicians as Larry Koonse, David Roitstein, Charlie Haden, Fred Sturm, Steve Peplin, Mark Urness, Lee Tomboulian, Jack Grassel, Maria Schneider, Benny Golson, Kenny Wheeler, and many others.

Two of my groups in Minneapolis that I played with (The Jana Nyberg Group and Lulu’s Playground) have been featured regularly on radio stations and publications around the Midwest, and in 2013 performed as a part of Dave Douglas’s Festival of New Trumpet Music in New York City.

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