The Story, The Song

I thought it would be nice to share with all of you this performance of one of my ensembles from back in April 2015. The first half features my trio with Julian Karahalios and Josh Linsky (MLK), playing my compositions. The second half features Alina and Trevor Roitstein-Anderies, Yvette Holzwarth, and Ben Finley, and we performed one of Garrison Keillor’s stories called “Me and Choir” from “The News from Lake Woebegon” series from his radio show “A Prairie Home Companion”. I took the melodies he sung in the original recording of the story and reharmonized and arranged them for our performance as a part of my graduate recital for my MFA at California Institute of the Arts.

I hope you enjoy this weird little snapshot of my time at CalArts. I had a fantastic time playing with all of these amazing musicians and people. More to come soon!